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Lebanon Art, virtual art gallery.

Greeting card

In this category, LebanonArt presents greeting cards reproducing the works and poems of the outstanding artist Joseph Matar.

Each card is presented in a double format of 17 x 12 cm; the work of art is represented on one side and the poem on the other.

LebanonArt created these cards with great care; they are reproduced on paper of high quality (Matt Art Paper 350 gsm).

The cards are sold in packages of eight with eight envelopes, available in two languages, French and English.

The cards are thus one of the best souvenir gifts you can have from Lebanon.

LebanonArt will be responsible for paying all the expense of sending the packages you order, through the service "DHL - Lebanon" with a coupon, guaranteeing reception of the package.

The cards may take between three to eight days to arrive, according to the country they are sent to.

Click to see the card with the accompanying poem.

© 1997-2007 Lebanon Art Postcard
Milky Way
© 1997-2007 Lebanon Art Postcard
Celestial Harvest
© 1997-2007 Lebanon Art Postcard
House under a Cliff
© 1997-2007 Lebanon Art Postcard
Blue Horizon
© 1997-2007 Lebanon Art Postcard
Stained Glass
© 1997-2007 Lebanon Art Postcard
Floral Composition
© 1997-2007 Lebanon Art Postcard
© 1997-2007 Lebanon Art Postcard

Click to see the card with the accompanying poem.

To order the cards:

- Use your credit card:

For despatch to Arab countries, Africa and Europe $18.00 Buy it - Including shipping!

For despatch to All other overseas countries $21.00 Buy it - Including shipping!

Send a Virtual Postcard form the Artist's Paintings:


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