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His artistic adventure began in 1945-46, opening a career of seventy years! To pass from early simplicity to advanced technology, serious research, poetic form, and creation is certainly the work of a lifetime. It all began in the studios of the masters Onsi, Corm, Wehbeh, and the centers locally available in those days, the Italian Dante Allighiri Institute, the short-lived studio of the Ecole des Lettres, and those of S. Salibi and others.

Then came the journeys from 1961 to 1964 to Madrid, professorship at the School of Fine Arts of the Spanish capital, and the subsequent Doctorate gained in Paris at the Sorbonne and various workshops.

These were followed by fifty years of teaching in the Lebanese University’s Department of Fine Arts. To sum up, the road was to be very long and also difficult. Degas would often say, “Art is easy for him who knows nothing, but when one does know things look very different.”

He did everything possible to widen the field of his knowledge and to give ever more, remaining eternally the student deeply moved by beauty, light and poetry.

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