Available Artworks

Here in this section you enter a world that is fresh and full of beauty, an evasion in the artistic pictorial universe of Joseph Matar, one whose masterly work is the reflection of his soul, an interior world whose explanation is endless and inexhaustible. The works that one may visit here are a cord, a vibration, in this symphony of which he is the composer and creator. Artist Matar is only too aware that any work, whether painted, written sculpted or to be heard, that is not entirely creation and poetry is nothing but wasted effort.

Every masterpiece is a creation, and, what is more, a prayer, a union with the One Creator who lies beyond. And to attain this state of a creating soul, several factors enter into play: to be gifted, certainly, to have a solid formation at all levels, cultural and technical, and to be resourceful in craft, deft and having all the ability that a masterpiece demands, genius if I may use the word, comprehension and capacity, and the will that sets all in motion. Above all there must be that compassionate love, that inner breath of life which imparts the individual touch to all our actions. Yes, creation is something that supposes all that I have referred to above and yet more besides – in short, there is Joseph Matar the artist and painter and there is Joseph Matar the work, independent of its creator. What you visit here are the pieces produced at different periods of his development.

The subjects you behold are many and varied, but always we see the brush of the painter of the Holy, from the formal composition to the representation, of landscapes, flowers, the sea, the sweep of history, trees, houses, small details and love of country.

It is a hymn of joy that he communicates to us, from two blazing sources of light, the one burning in the sky above our heads and the other spiritual and mystic, deep in his soul. Light streams abundantly in his works, a light that is all warmth and color, a light that takes us up to God.

Joseph Matar knows how to transform this outpouring of the spirit into a plastic shape, to make of it a poem, with colors sometimes light and luminous and sometimes dense and in relief, as if they were bursting out from the two dimensions imposed by the canvas. The human soul cannot be confined to two, three or even four dimensions, for it must return to the Absolute, the Infinite.

We wander around in this site visiting works that may be large or may be small, and we find Joseph Matar everywhere; a great work is to be measured not by its the length of its borders but by its plastic, cultural human and imaginative depth. Yes, the imagination has its role, for it is nothing other than the ability to conceive in the forms of images – whether concrete or abstract matters little, for even the abstract has recourse to a capital of imagination.

LebanonArt – Editorial