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Joseph Matar carries within him a blazing light, being wholly taken up in what he sees, in what he feels, in what he lives. Like any true artist, he has eyes full of wonder and a heart full of love, as he seeks to understand the enigma of our existence. True son of the soil, vibrant and dynamic, he sees cosmic events behind the terrestrial and human forces. He sees a cosmos which spirals and turns, a cosmos in perpetual movement, one which plunges its galactic coils into the depths of his soul. He understands his own being and masters it, and this supposes both will power and great command.

Joseph Matar did not commence with his birth and he will not end with his decease. He sees himself living one day at Ur in Chaldea and another day far beyond in time and space. He exists at Lascaux and at Altamira and he has passed by the Egypt of the Pharaohs, by Greece and by Rome. he has lived through the mystical Romanesque and Gothic, and has absorbed the Renaissance, and all the artistic and cultural movements down to our own day.

Joseph Matar began long before Homo sapiens. He began with God, with the first zero instant of time. He grew up together with Phidias and with Plato, he lived with John the Baptist and with Christ God. He knew Beethoven, Michael Angelo and Mozart, Dante and Saint Augustine,
while having a passionate love for all those who throughout history were of superhuman stature.

Joseph Matar belongs to the past, to the present and to the future. He has shown himself in the duration where time assures that continuity which makes civilisation.

He is passionate for truth to the point of devotion and an apostle of the liberty of human beings in their universe, the universe where the man sees men as in a theatre confront each other and confront their Creator.

In this confrontation God and man attain a cosmic balance where the “I” is manifested eternally. It is the genesis of the being, of his very existence. It is through such sincerity that the man expresses himself with all the forces in his heart, with his love for this race which bears the lamp of intelligence. There is no discord between his own being and that of his work. The latter is his own reflection, a reflection worthy of Paradise. His work reflects heaven and serenity and his writing is a language traced in space, with forms ordered in poetic union. Bearer of light, Joseph Matar invites us to open our souls to the mysteries of the universe and to those intelligent forces of ours which leap from eternity towards the sunlit becoming.

We are well and truly before a solar motif. We shall be the Sun in discovering all suns, as we penetrate this language of design, space and colour. All that happens within us, around us, in this world and in the next, is expressed in countless colours; azure blues mix with the rose of almond flower, shades of orange glow explosively, and solar yellows, reds, the colours of earth, the vermilions themselves are there on a whiteness which upholds them, strengthens them and receives them.

The work acts as a unity and its plastic and its otherworldly dimensions are spiritualised, for with Joseph Matar both the matter and the ensemble are spiritualised.

Joseph Matar has the genius to make time stand still to make way for another time, the time of meditation, so that the flowers may bloom and multiply leaving behind them an imprint of love on the planet of love.

Andrée Nacli