Magdala, Galilea, Tiberia, and others…fishing craft, yes, the great multitudes and the boats in a cosmic space transformed into a teeming humanity.

As for the glowing rays, they come from all sides. The crowds are transported on a sea of light; ships breast the waves of a human ocean down over the millennia; lost in the vast throngs, they dance and swirl.

Two thousand years ago is but a yesterday in the history of eternity, serving the purposes of this Master who is creator both of eternity and of time.

Once he left his boat to walk on the waters, this element of liquidity, defying all the laws of weight and of gravity. This was the Master who existed before the creation of time and who will continue to exist when time is no more.

Let us cast our nets and draw in our harvest of fish for these fishers of men, of love and of good will.

What are these craft doing in this epoch of swift communication, of computer science, of television, of Internet, and of all the rest of these media that stand as intermediaries between the human person and the world around him?

What do these craft carry? They recall our origin and take us back to where we came from, loaded with love, grace, poetry, knowledge, charm and humanism.

As for their modelling, their form, their colour, their substance, they are sculptured, lively, vibrant with life, brilliance and expression. White flows like amber, silhouettes stand in contrast, the warm colours blend, from the yellows, oranges, ochres to the tones of red that make the structure of the work.

In these compositions as in all the others there is a breath, the breath of the Spirit.

Marina Matar