A hearty welcome to the studio of the artist-painter and poet, Joseph Matar!

LebanonArt offers its visitors a fine esplanade where they can wander among all the cultural riches that the site has accumulated over the years. This site presents itself as a veritable gallery of high distinction with its achievements of beauty, its emotions, its sentiments, its humanism and its many expressions of the age we now live in. LebanonArt is never forgetful either of our patrimony, that is to say our universal human heritage, or of the futurist visions of the third millennium. The site unceasingly evolves in time and in space, from the traditional past to the boundless present forms of expression, diverse and ever changing, and beyond to morrows rich in hope, adventure and promise. Across the world the site holds a place where, through the artist’s brush, his colours, and his lines, through forms, rhythms and words, all those who wish to create a better world for tomorrow express themselves. It is visited by thousands of connoisseurs, professionals, and lovers of art and culture from all over the world.

LebanonArt invites artists of Lebanon and of the entire world, and all creative spirits working in whatever technique or domain, to put on show here their works, their talents and their genius.

William MATAR