Now we come to another section, water-colors, with techniques such as sepia, wash and inks, ones that also have been treated by Joseph Matar with love and care. They are all means of expression and suppose a formation, a technique and a mastery.

Here the support is a sheet of rag paper, a clean sheet with a fairly absorbent surface. Generally speaking, the artist takes advantage of the underlying tint, preserving transparency. He spreads the liquid paints lightly and studies the forms and the colored harmony of the whole field. Water-color is an art in its own right and reveals the world of the painter.

It is like a sonata as compared to a symphony, an agreeable area of research and experiment. Here one can see several water-colors with a variety of subjects, houses, villages, nooks, trees, flowers and compositions. The artist handles the contrasts, the descending scales and the blends with absolute control. He invites us to live again this world of color, world of light, the dream of a night of the Orient being embodied in his work. A flame breaks forth from the heart of the artist and takes root in the work to reach out to the spectator.

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