Small-dimensional Paintings

The value of a work of art is estimated by its content, by the composition, construction, expression human warmth, creativity, poetry, state of soul, life, etc.

The output of Rubens exceeds thousands of square yards, while that of Vermeer scarcely reaches a few dozen square yards; but both painters were great artists and geniuses of creation.

A small work may be charged with monumental elements, while the opposite is also possible. Here on this page may be found some small works, which however are not to be thought miniatures, for the miniature follows a quite different concept.

If for example I give measurements of 18cm by 12cm, or say 180cm by 120cm, this gives little idea. Small presentations and sketches possess their particular essence and spirit whatever their dimensions.

These works on various subjects are executed on small wooden panels of a thickness between 12 and 20mm.

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