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Lebanon Art
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 33 reviews
by Loana on Lebanon Art
Country: Germany

Thank you Thank you Thank you for providing us with a way to be involved with the appreciation of Art in Lebanon!! It is a beautiful thing you have done... I appreciate that.

by Lina Kanaan on Lebanon Art
Country: Lebanon

Lina Kanaan Impressing site! It was a pleasure visiting the gallery of Lebanon Art. I was very impressed by such elegant work. It is indeed a gallery of "Beauty, emotions & feelings". You've done a very interesting job over there. Exploring the world of Joseph Matar was a real pleasure, even though it distracts me for one hour from my work. Anyway, congratulations and Good Luck. Sincerely

by Pietro on Lebanon Art
Country: Brazil

“Great Web site, Your site is really a work of "Art".

by Elie on Lebanon Art
Country: United States of America

I only would like to express, from usa, my feeling about the painting displayed in Lebanon Art site. I really can't find words...It's really outstanding and superb. Only I would like to express my greatness to the artist and great poet Joseph Matar. Keep up doing well... you are really a Strong Olive tree...!!

by Tabarah on Lebanon Art
Country: Lebanon

t is just to thank you for making the Internet beautiful.

by Rosemarie J. Pfortner on Lebanon Art
Country: Deutschland

Großer Künstler - große Kunst, Herr Joseph Matar! Beeindruckend alle Ihre Werke auf der gesamten Website! Rosemarie J. Pfortner”

by Slim on Lebanon Art
Country: United States

Joseph Matar, homeland master, puts Lebs in better light in world I am delighted to see Joseph Matar's recent paintings. I am moved, more than ever before, to see them. Paintings of groups touched me, in a special way, and reminded me of the old country and the village, especially in the summer when we used to eat outside on the balcony in the evenings. They made the longing to my village home stronger, after 20 years of being away. His paintings brought to life the good people of the Lebanese village, with bittersweet memories. His choice of themes and selection of colors awaken warm memories of beautiful summer evenings or wonderful days in winter or any season. Further, his work opens a forgotten window on the real kind of people the folks from my old homeland are. Also, he puts us all, who come from Lebanese origin, in a better light in the world. Master Joseph Matar is another giant from Lebanon who makes me proud of my heritage and old country. I surely hope that he continues to receive the recognition and appreciation which he deserves. With my profound respect and admiration, Salim George Khalaf, ex-resident of Souk El-Gharb/Bmakine Chapel Hill, NC, USA My website: - A Bequest Unearthed, Phoenicia - Encyclopedia Phoenician

by Saker on Lebanon Art
Country: Switzerland

This is one of the best (if not the best) websites I have ever seen in my life. I adore the poetry section. This is how art will be presented in the future!! And what a wonderful way you are doing it. Many regards.

by Nemosee on Lebanon Art
Country: Canada

Dear William, Best regards to you and your is a lovely site you've got here...Great Work Your father Art is shinning on all pages All the best from me and looking for meeting you Naeim

by Camelgal on Lebanon Art
Country: South Africa

Remarkable Surprise! I found this website by mistake, while working in my office today. It was so beautiful and intriguing, that I accomplished more for my spirit than for my company! Thank you so much for sharing your work with all of us out here in this very small world. This site is remarkable, and recognized as a gigantic effort to produce. I look forward to viewing it as a daily relaxation moment in time.

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