Sacred Art

Here is a universe whose light bursts forth and reaches out, clothing our existence, a light which to which matter is no obstacle, passing from day to night, from sharp clarity to deepest obscurity, from repose to movement. What fascinating contrasts!

Joseph Matar describes himself as a spider, drawing from his own substance to weave his fabric and produce his masterpieces.

This “I”, so different from others, underlies his uniqueness, showing itself to be active, combative, present day and night, and witnessing the events of life and its needs in this human rat-race that calls itself “civilisation”.

This “I’, affirming “I am!” throws itself into colours, lines and forms, movements and the things of the spirit, bringing Creation within reach. Comets, planets or nebulae, this “I” snatches them from their orbits, gives them another glow, another perfect human light, spiritual and Godlike enough to outshine the sun itself.

Josph Matar paints the mysteries slumbering in that spiritual “I”, deep-rooted in all the creative activities of our civilisation. The sense of wonder which results is one which opens the gates of Eden, “Lights” which enrich our human language. They are in effect those lights which illuminate the particles of our dreams, while ploughing in them furrows which move our soul. Varied ranges of blues, blacks and emerald greens stir in the silence of the cosmic depths, making a nocturne which through the painter’s hands becomes all life and colour, and joins with the radiant glory of the sun.

Craftsman, jeweller, oblivious to all but his one passion, he invites us with an overflow of lyricism into a firmament blazing with precious stones, where cosmic night pierces the scintillating day that he puts before us The guest called to this banquet will enrich his soul to saturation and so relive his memories as man and taste the inner meaning of passing life.

There is a human tide in the image of God made Man, creatures with infinite growth. In an ocean of dreams, the “Sun of the heart” floods all with his light, spreading to the very frontiers of Time. Is it here question of a Heliopolis, of a fiery breath, or of a flaming hearth? No, rather is it a madness; madly obsessed by an invading passion, he espouses the latter out of loyalty of soul and makes it take part in all his masterpieces as eternal source of fire and of love for the Absolute. It is the flower of that Passion which the artist calls for, which enables him to act in the name of the Creator. God without Power and Power without God combine, the one working in the name of the other.

Are we living through the “last night of the world” or have we reached the “first morning” of Creation? Let us celebrate this “day of the Sun”, this Sun-day where Life is a feast, while the thunder of the breaking waves of the night fades away and new images appear, ever spontaneously renewed, animated by a swift rhythm, that of the World. This World, by no means approaching its end, can attain completion only in the Future that its Creator wishes to see us create!

The Creator imposes on us and fascinates us in order to bear us away towards the Invisible through the visible forms of a Universe in which Life has its roots as an eternal presence.

Mysteries, keep your secrets! Is it possible to share or to unveil a dream or an enigma? A shadow of Golgotha, with the Son of Man, facing this human tide of moving forms, I contemplate, meditate and remain enchanted on the shore of oblivion, treasuring only an image that is for all mankind: Love.

Gaby Kaikati