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The Triptych Lebanese Flag, Painting on canvas

The Triptych Lebanese Flag

Brahma, great architect of the world and author of order and harmony,
Vishnu, savior, liberator and awakener of life in his sleep,
Shiva, who blessed the dormant life aroused by Vishnu and raised it to the attainable heights, these are the three divine aspects of Brahma, who is One.
In India, three periods of festivity are dedicated to them, according to the seasons.

In Christianity we find –
God the Father Almighty, Creator of Time, Space and the Cosmos, of all physical and animated existence,
The Son, the living and merciful Word who poured out his blood for love of mankind and redeemed it,
The Holy Spirit, who is Divine Love and the future self.

In painting, particularly in that of the Middle Ages and in Byzantine art, many triptychs were produced, each one composed of three panels, the outer ones folding on to the central panel. Sculpture also had its equivalent.

Literature, music and theatre likewise, with works composed of three parts, acts or scenes. In painting, the triptychs were executed in different heights and dimensions, ranging from the miniature to the monumental.

Most often, the subjects treated were religious as a part of sacred art. In the work presented here, the triptych is developed in width.

The subject is again one most sacred, with a national and patriotic theme, the national uprising. The central canvas, where white, blue, gray and green dominate, represents Cornet el Saouda, the highest peak in Lebanon, capped with eternal snow. On the western chain, we see Dahr el Katib, with the white of the country’s flag as snowy undulations with a cliff, terraces and a little village, then cedar trees in the center, a forest but also a tree standing alone. The colored paint flows abundantly and, taking form, is modulated to enclose the abutments of the mountain. The whole is a play of great power and serene virtuosity.

The work is one meter high and 2.10 meters wide. As for the two others, dominated by red and orange and enclosing the central canvas, they are of the same height and have a width of sixty centimeters.

All three are full of movement. In the first one sees Baalbek-Heliopolis, and then to the right and to the left the Citadel of Byblos and the Phoenician port.

What are common to all three are the flags and the movement of the lines that encircle the work and draw the attention. The two canvases are almost monochromatic while still being rich in shades of color, in matter and in dynamism.

In the second canvas, one sees Beiteddine to the left, which follows the diagonal of Heliopolis, then the Martyrs’ Monument in the center, and to the right the great Government House and the church of St. John the Baptist. Everything is brought into harmony by the human movement and the flags which swirl around. This triptych forms our flag and represents our colors.

Joseph MATAR

The Triptych Lebanese Flag, Painting on canvas - 220 x 210 cm

We offer Print On Canvas (not framed) signed by the artist himself and numbered 1/100.

  • 20.3 x 20.3 inches, USD 100 Inc. (Ohio, USA) is a payment facilitator for goods and services provided by

Technique of reproduction:

-The artwork is presented as Giclee Print (digital printmaking technology with fantastic results in beauty and quality) on real cotton canvas 400 mu. thick, neutral pH, low dot gain. Great for reproducing oil and acrylic paintings. The reproductions come from very large *.TIF images, about 50 Megas for each photo and about 6500 x 5000 pixels.

-Ink Stability and Treatment: All indications are that the new UV pigmented inks for the Hewlett-Packard DesignJet z6100ps will have a longevity rating of between 150 and 200 years - the tests are valid for over 100 years so far and still ongoing by Wilhelm. The surface of the print is treated with thermoplastic acrylic resin. (It is important to note that all colours fade. Depending of the composition of the paints, many original watercolours will fade faster).

-All prints are presented with 2 inches of white canvas border ready to be framed.
The prints do not come framed. The choosing of mats and frames is a matter of personal taste. Local framing shops can best provide you this type of service.

-The advanced plotter used is the Hewlett-Packard DesignJet z6100ps printer's series with the increased colour gamut of their UV pigmented inks.

-Let us offer you extremely affordable Museum quality Giclee prints with colour and longevity consistency and a look almost indistinguishable from the original work of art ! Using the new Hewlett-Packard DesignJet z6100ps & 100+ year HP UV inks, there is no worry of prints fading indoors.

LebanonArt is chargeable for the shipment through D.H.L. services, so you will not be charged. You can expect your print to arrive within 6 days from the date you place your order!

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